True Small Batch production:

Each batch is crafted solely by our Master Blender, and is limited to a finite number of bottles. This gives us a craft look and feel that customers really respond to - we have some customers that collect individual batch numbers upon release. Due to our unique production method, each batch will vary slightly in taste profile, similar to a wine from vintage to vintage.

“Dual Cask” aging:

Using wine barrels brings a fruit-derived element into the flavor profile- making it an excellent partner with fruit-based mixers in cocktails - “The Pinot Noir Manhattan” is a best seller on a cocktail list. Mixologists really love the fruit-driven aromas of the “Dual Cask” process – it brings a whole new layer of complexity to the glass.

What’s in a name?:

“Filibuster” has a political connotation, and as we began in Washington DC, that’s not accidental. We’ve developed a bit of a cult following on both National and State levels with those who practice and follow politics. With the upcoming 2016 Presidential contest, presenting Filibuster as a “must have” dram on election night- Vote and “Be Heard”!

Quality in the glass:

Whiskey, first and foremost, must taste good, and the only way that we’ve found to ensure that is extended barrel aging. To that end, we do not use “chips”, “spirals” or “staves” to move the process along. These methods might work for some producers; it’s not what we’re about. Our Whiskey is aged years, not days, and you can taste it.

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